Still Using Windows XP? Worried? Stay Secure with PC Matic

New virus leaves Windows XP users vulnerable

Microsoft’s discontinuation of its Windows XP operating system has left XP users running the Internet Explorer web browser vulnerable to all sorts of nasty things, like viruses and malware. Changing web browsers could help protect you to a degree, but experts warn that you shouldn’t be accessing the Internet on an XP computer at all. PC Matic is a bold and innovative product that can give you piece of mind—and save you from having to buy a whole new system or trying to update to a newer operating system on an outdated device.

Microsoft leaves XP users vulnerable to identity theft

Microsoft’s announcement that it would be discontinuing Windows XP came as a shock and disappointment to millions of users. Microsoft’s decision basically means that the computer giant is effectively abandoning users of Windows XP. It will no longer provide any kind of support or patches to protect users from nasty malware and viruses that hijack your computer, including “ransomware” that allows hackers to steal your passwords and online banking information, and even steal your identity.

Microsoft’s options for XP users

Microsoft is basically giving XP users two options:

  1. Update to Windows 8
  2. Buy a Windows 8 computer

Essentially that means that by abandoning XP, Microsoft is using fear to sell the Windows 8 operating system and the expensive computers that run it.

You actually have a third option!

PC Matic keeps all versions of Windows, including XP, running optimally and, most importantly, keeps them secure from today’s online threats. For a small $50 annual fee, PC Matic protects you and your machine from viruses, malware, ransomware and even annoying adware that hijacks online shopping.

Protects from viruses other programs can’t detect

PC Matic provides protection from modern viruses that other antivirus programs can’t detect. It closes security holes in common online software like Java and Flash.

Protect yourself from online threats, save money on the cost of a new machine and don’t give in to Microsoft’s bullying tactics in trying to force you into upgrading. PC Matic provides comprehensive security for up to five computers running any Windows operating system. Try it today.

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