XHose Pro Extreme Expandable Hose

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XHose Pro Extreme Expandable Hose

Introducing the new and improved XHose Pro Extreme with solid brass fittings, a wider 3/4″ diameter, and constructed from even stronger materials (strong enough to pull an SUV). Works like the original XHose.

XHose is the original and best expanding hose. Now even better.

Are you confused by all the expanding hoses on the market? Don’t be fooled by imitations. XHose is the original expanding hose, and is the only patented expanding hose available.  The new and improved features include increased durability, leak-resistant connection, crush-resistant brass fittings and patent pending stabilizer collar.

Just turn on the water, and it expands and expands and expands as you effortlessly guide it to where it needs to go. When you’re done, it will follow you back and contract for easy storage.

The XHose Pro Extreme is perfect for homeowners or professionals. Weighs as little as one pound! It’s made from a tough multi-layered expandable inner hose and a folded outer covering made from super strong webbing. And because of its patented design, the XHose Pro Extreme will never kink.


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