Wounded Soldier Care

Wounded Soldier Care

Wounded Soldier Care

Can Post Traumatic Stress Disorder be cured? PTSD has become an epidemic, and wounded warriors are killing themselves at the rate of 22 suicides every day. 1 in 4 veterans is diagnosed with PTSD. Wounded Soldier Care has a mission: create a new PTSD cure, one that is much more effective, works more quickly and is less expensive that current treatments.

Can laser treatment cure PTSD?

The answer may lie in high powered laser therapy. According to medical laser expert Dr. Harold Kraft, “Recent research has shown that this high powered laser has tremendous potential as a cure for PTSD. Aimed at the front of the head, it activates the frontal cortex, which normally keeps your emotions in check. That, in turn, tamps out the ‘fight or flight’ syndrome which the PTSD has taken over. This laser has the potential to be a real cure. 10 times better, faster, and cheaper than existing treatments. Not just a band aid, but a real, scalable cure for PTSD.”

Donate now to help find a cure for PTSD.

We need a PTSD breakthrough for 8 million vets. We need to stop suffering and suicide. Donate today to Wounded Soldier Care and help find a cure for PTSD. Any amount will help in the search for a cure. All deductions are tax deductible.

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