Wall Street Journal Wonders if “The Wonder Years” Will Be a Big Hit on DVD

The  Wonder Years complete TV series is now available on DVD from Time Life, and The Wall Street Journal wonders if fans of the 80s show will shell out big bucks to own the complete series on DVD.

Yes, WSJ has branched out. In addition to business news and ultra-conservative opinion pieces and editorials, the paper now has a Life & Culture section where they cover movies, TV, cars, sports, books and travel. Of course, a little business analysis finds it way into its entertainment coverage:

“After more than 20 years off the air—and a boom in the DVD market that came and went—the complete ‘Wonder Years’ is finally being released Tuesday. A limited edition of the DVD set, packaged in a miniature school locker with a yearbook signed by cast members, sells for $500. (The basic set starts at $250). It’s a five-pound, 26-disc example of how the entertainment industry tries to monetize long-dormant properties, gambling on how deeply they still resonate with fans.”
– Jon Jurgensen, Wall St. Journal 10/2/2014

Yes, streaming video is taking over the viewing experience, and DVD sales are way down from their peak. But nostalgia is powerful, and many true fans still want to own every episode of their favorite shows.

Time Life, as usual, has done a fantastic job producing the Wonder Years box set. Sure there’s the fancy packaging, but the biggest task was negotiating music clearances, as many songs used in the show were only licensed for TV broadcast. In the end, Time Life managed to license 96% of the iconic 60s and 70s hits used in the original episodes (and it cost them millions to do so). Will it pay off in big sales?

To learn more about this DVD collection, visit TimeLife.com.


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