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Wonder Wallet

Tired of bulky wallets crowding your purse? Is that wallet bump under your rump hurting your back? Sick of searching for IDs, cards and cash? Introducing Wonder Wallet, the amazingly thin wallet that’s twice as thin as a regular wallet, but holds twice as much. Go from bulky and fat to slim and compact.  Your old wallet may be so overstuffed you can barely bend, while Wonder Wallet is flat and slender.

Genuine leather. Slim. Holds 24 cards.

Crafted with genuine leather, Wonder Wallet features clear 12 sleeves that hold up to 24 cards — ID, credit cards, gift cards, insurance and more. Plus it keeps your cash organized and slim. The secret is Wonder Wallet’s patented design. It’s laid out like a photo album, so it holds twice as many cards on each side. See everything at a glance, and everything fits perfectly in Wonder Wallet.

Why carry that big old wallet when Wonder Wallet is so thin, and holds so much? The soft, supple leather flexes so it’s comfortable to sit on, even in the car. RFID blocking stops remote scanning of cards and protects private information. Ordinary wallets can cost up to $100 or more. Get Wonder Wallet on Amazon in the color of your choice.


4 thoughts on “Wonder Wallet

  1. I have purchased the Wonder Wallet love it !!!! I don’t like the Insterts for your cards. I have purchased insterts (2) they seem to be poorly made . I would like the company’s Name and email to address this issue, as it’s my umderstanding you As Seen On TV does not make this product. My husband and I both have the Wallet and love but as I said poor quality for the insterts.

    Thank you for time and help

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