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JNL Fusion: New DVD Workout Program from Jennifer Nicole Lee

JNL Fusion DVD workout program from Jennifer Nicole LeeInternational fitness celebrity Jennifer Nicole Lee is back with a new DVD workout program, JNL Fusion. Best known for pitching the Ab Circle Pro, Jennifer is back with this new fitness regimen that doesn’t need expensive hardware. Just you, a DVD player, a 5′ x 5′ area to exercise and 30 minutes a day. If you put forth the effort, JNL Fusion promises to transform your saggy flabbiness into the body of a fitness model in just 60 days.

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New Product Tuesday with Top Trainers

Top Trainers DVD Fitness ProgramLadies, how is that New Year’s resolution working out for you? Has your ambitious diet and exercise program melted off the flab? Are your arms, thighs, tush and tummy all tightened and toned? No? Have you even really started? Get your hand out of the cookie jar and start working out with the top fitness trainers in the USA. The new Top Trainers DVD Fitness Program is designed for busy women like you. If you’re ready for a change, have as little as six minutes to workout, and would like to see visible results in just one week, Top Trainers is your ticket to thin and sexy. Top Trainers uses the Blend Method, combining cardio, yoga, kickboxing, Latin dance and more to vary your workout routine and avoid boredom and plateaus. In addition to the 10 DVDs, you get a fitness guide, wall calendar, one month free subscription to, resistance band and bonus weight loss DVD.

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New Product Tuesday with Spray-It Away

This is the time of year when many of us consume colossal quantities of calories. All manner of sweet and savory holiday treats tempt us at every turn, in the break room at the office, at multiple holiday parties and family get-togethers, from UPS and USPS deliveries and at the supermarket checkout. If your willpower is not so powerful, you might want to give Spray-It Away a try.  A few sprays of Spray-It Away before meals or snacks reduces hunger and makes you feel full, so you eat less and lose weight. Spray-It Away contains 100% pure Lumathin, part of the Carraluma Fimbriata family. This plant been used for centuries in India to suppress appetite and enhance stamina. Order Spray-It Away today and you may not need to make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight!

SlimTs: Men’s Shapewear, or the End of Western Civilization? Discuss.

SlimTs Men's Body Shaping Tank TopSlimTs Men’s Body Shaping Tank Top claims you’ll instantly look pounds thinner and inches smaller without dieting or exercise. Even if you could tighten your waistline and trim down your love handles with this miraculous man girdle, would it be morally right? I mean, what is The American Man coming too? Would Davy, Davy Crockett, King of the wild frontier have worn a SlimT under his buckskin shirt? Would Commander Neil Armstrong have worn a SlimT under his space suit when he took his first step on the lunar surface? Sure, they say that the Spandex-blend SlimT is not constricting, won’t raise body temperature and fits under all your regular clothing, but isn’t it cheating to forego diets, exercise and that yearly gym membership? I suppose you could just say that the twelve firming panels are a support for your back, or maybe a posture helper, but… well, I’m just sayin’.

New Product Tuesday with Emagrece Sim

Bikini body courtesy of Emagrece SimYour Savvy Shopper doesn’t know what magical South American ingredients are in the Emagrece Sim diet system. Watching the infomercial, you might believe its cleansing and hunger-reducing properties of this two-part weight loss system play a pivotal roll in sculpting all those beautiful bikini-clad bodies on the beaches of Rio. My questions are: 1) Is this product really from Brazil, and 2) does Emagrece Sim really mean “yes to make thin” in the local lingo? Google Translate says it means “rather thin,” or maybe “thin yes yes” or “yep, thin.” If you translate from English to Portuguese, you get “sim fazer fina.” Any Portuguese speakers out there? Anyone who’s had success dropping pounds with the product? Let us know!

New Product Tuesday with Smart for Life Cookie Diet

Infomercials really can be educational. This one for the Smart for Life Cookie Diet taught me the Cookie Jar Song, a nursery school singalong that teaches the valuable lesson of how to deny responsibility and blame others. “Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Not me.” I’m so happy the Cookie Jar Song is stuck in my head. I needed a soundtrack for my life.

As annoying as this ditty is, it is an effective way to deliver this diet plan’s core message. Eat cookies. Lose weight. It’s that simple. So simple even a preschooler can understand it!