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Vince Offer’s Legacy in a Pie Chart

[Sorry, but the pie chart image is no longer available.]

A colleague sent me a link to the above chart, the most unique infographic I’ve seen, and I’ve eyeballed a lot of charts. Back in my agency days, I was required to view thousands of unnecessary PowerPoint presentations daily (straining to stay awake while pretending to pay rapt attention).

I’m used to seeing colorful charts displaying market share, sales projections or demographics. Never have I seen a pie chart illustrating the components of a pitchman’s legacy. Until today. Interesting idea, but I have a few issues with the underlying data.

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Vince Offer is Not Camera Shy

Vince Offer on the Town

Although Vince Offer Shlomi hasn’t released a new As Seen on TV product since his infamous altercation in 2009, that doesn’t mean he’s kept a low profile. No, Vince has been attending celebrity galas and flashing that special “Vince from ShamWow” smile at every camera in the vicinity. I don’t know Courtney Bingham. Is she his girlfriend? Anyway, just visit the website of event photographer Patrick McMullan and you can download these photos of Vince on the town for $10 a pop. Better hurry and take advantage of this offer, because he can’t do this all day.

New Product Coming Soon from Vince Offer Shlomi?

What's next for Vince from Slap Chop?Your Savvy Shopper always keeps an ear to the ground. I’ve recently heard rumors that Vince Shlomi, AKA Vince Offer, AKA Vince from ShamWow and Slap Chop, AKA Square One Entertainment, is negotiating behind-the-scenes with DRTV companies to assist him in marketing a brand-new product. I don’t have any details regarding the product or when it will launch, but I’ll keep you posted as we learn more. Over a year has elapsed since Vince’s altercation with a hooker in Miami, Florida. Since Shlomi’s media profile is not nearly that of a misbehaving celebrity like Tiger Woods, I’d be surprised if many TV viewers are aware of this mutual assault and near-arrest. It’s not expected to affect the public’s acceptance of a new pitch from this unconventional yet very successful pitchman.

New Product Tuesday with Bona Mop

Thanks to Vince, you know the Germans always make good stuff. Well, what about the Swedes? We all know about Volvos, Abba and Ikea, but did you know the Swedish company Bona has been making floor care products since 1919? The Bona Mop is an innovative mop for hardwood and other hard surface floors. It sprays a cleaning solution from a built-in container and actually cleans floors instead of just pushing around the dust. Our nearly 100-year-old home has hardwood floors throughout, and believe me, there’s a lot of dust to push around.

Slap Chop Remix to become Real TV Commercial

According to celebrity website, the Slap Chop Rap Remix that’s been around for awhile has been reworked into an actual TV spot that just hit the airwaves. If you see the spot on the tube, let us know. Can this revive the Slap Chop’s saggy sales?

No More Hookers for Vince from ShamWow

In this video from, Vince Offer Shlomi declares, “No more hookers. I gave up.” The filmmaker and purveyor of ShamWow and Slap Chop was involved in a little, how should i put it, “scuffle” a few months back. You probably never heard about it. The heckler in the video is annoying and unfunny and he makes Vince seem sedate.

Billy Mays Brings Back the Quick Chop to Slap Down Vince Offer

After seeing Billy May’s spot for Quick Chop, I totally understand why he was a mite peeved at Vince Offer about knocking off his products. Just like with Sham Wow, which lifted many of the demonstrations directly from Zorbeez, Slap Chop uses many of the same demos as the earlier-produced Quick Chop commercial. Chopping multiple ingredients simultaneously to make salad, chopping nuts and cookies for ice cream, removing skin from garlic, making salsa. Quick Chop is also shown chopping ice. I tried this today with my Slap Chop and the results were not impressive. I got some chopped ice, but big chunks of cubes remained after vigorous quicking, I mean slapping. I’ll be anxious to get a Quick Chop and compare. In terms of product design, Quick Chop doesn’t have butterfly hinging Slap Chop, but I’m not sure it’s all the hard to clean. Plus, you get two Quick Chops for the price of one (if you pay the ever-present processing and handling).

Of course, Vince’s pitching style is radically different from Billy’s. And perhaps more importantly, there have been synthetic chamois and vegetable choppers around since long before either of these pitchmen hit the scene. Oh, I forgot, Vince insists he’s not a pitchman. He is a important film director who pitches products as a hobby when he’s not making movies and beating up hookers. Vince, we’re sure that someone would pay to see the sequel to The Underground Comedy Movie.

It would be really entertaining if Vince would show in an episode of Discovery Channel’s Pitchmen and have a showdown with Billy. But we’re not holding our breath for that.

Pitchmen Episode 3 Now Posted

The world’s greatest YouTube member came through again, and we’ve added Pitchmen episode three to our Pitchmen page. “From the Jaws of Victory” features an electronic shark repellent in addition to an ingenious hands-free cellphone device, renamed during the course of the show from the trademark-infringing Black Jack to the equally non-descriptive name Jupiter Jack. And that’s a wrap for this week.

UPDATE: This video is no longer available.

Wow, Vince is a Sham. The ShamWow Guy Arrested for Slap Chopping Hooker

Vince Offer, the Sham Wow Guy, Beats Up Hooker
Vince Offer Sham Wow Guy Beats Up Hooker

We’re in deep shock this evening. Our hero has feet of clay. The Smoking Gun reveals the sordid truth of Vince Offer‘s arrest last month in Miami for battering a hooker in a South Beach hotel room. The story according to Vince:

Shlomi told cops he paid Harris about $1000 in cash after she “propositioned him for straight sex.” Shlomi said that when he kissed Harris, she suddenly “bit his tongue and would not let go.” Shlomi then punched Harris several times until she released his tongue.

Not a pretty picture. Is this Vince’s Pee Wee Herman moment? Is his career as super-pitchman now over? Guess she didn’t love his nuts. Any, he didn’t have a boring hooker.

Slap Chop Unboxing
We Make Lunch with Vince’s Slap Chop
Slap Chop Debut! New Product from Vince Offer, the ShamWow Guy