VibraRazer Renovating Tool

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VibraRazer Renovating Tool

Now there’s VibraRazer, a brand new power tool that cuts, sands, scrapes, rasps and grinds like no other tool you’ve ever used before. A tool so lightweight, yet so powerful, you’ll want to use it for dozens of home improvement projects around your home. VibraRazer is perfect for all of your indoor and outdoor DIY projects, and works with most materials including metal, plastic, wood, sheetrock, carpet, ceramic tile and stone.

Do it yourself with VibraRazer — fast, easy and done right.

VibraRazer Renovating Tool is the multi-task power tool that puts the power of a pro in the palm of your hand. It does the precision work other tools can’t, saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. All the jobs you use to dread are fast and easy and done right the first time.

Imagine all the jobs you can tackle with the power of oscillation technology.

Jobs like replacing old grout or a broken tile without damaging surrounding tiles or damaging the backsplash, cutting through drywall without damaging the wires behind the wall. Removing old, worn-out caulk from tubs and sinks, cutting flooring, sanding down old cabinets, removing carpet, trimming baseboard, or even plunge cutting a new outlet or switch box.

With fully adjustable blades, the VibraRazer Renovating Tool works in the tightest places, for the right cut right where you need it. Unlike dangerous tools with rotary cutting blades or jagged reciprocating blades, VibraRazer uses the power of oscillation technology that oscillates up to 22,000 times a minute. This is high tech tool technology so advanced, it will cut right through the hardest materials.

This is the tool you need to slice through a water line, trim up some decorative faux stone, or cut through shingles on a roofing project, replace a damaged coupling on a garden hose, cut a rope for the kids’ backyard playset, or patch and sand a hole in a concrete floor. And so much more.


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