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New Product Tuesday with Jyze Pro

So which came first? The Spin Gym or the Jyze Pro? You might remember Forbes Riley, infomercial personality and inventor of the Spin Gym, from her appearance last year on Discovery Channel’s Pitchmen with Billy Mays. We’ve just been made aware of the Jyze Pro, a similar resistance exercise product. The mechanism of the Spin Gym is made of metal, while the Jyze Pro is mainly plastic. The Spin Gym offers only one level of resistance, while Jyze Pro has interchangeable bands for multiple resistance levels. If you read through the comments on this blog post, you’ll see that there are ardent fans (or marketers posing as fans) of each product:

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New Product Tuesday with the Notebook Buffer

Most laptop computers get uncomfortably hot when you rest them on your lap for more than a few minutes, especially if you’re wearing shorts or a skirt. The Notebook Buffer protects your laptop when you carry it, and keeps you cool when you use it, even in the buff.

Billy Mays III Launches New Website

Where is Billy Mays? Find out at
Where is Billy Mays? Find out at

Billy Mays III, son of the late pitchman Billy Mays, has launched a new website to document how his dad’s memory is being kept alive by means of stickers bearing his likeness. Billy III has been sending the stickers to anyone who sends a self-addressed stamped envelope. The recipients of these stickers have been plastering them anywhere and everywhere and snapping photos of the results. has even called it “The sticker craze that’s sweeping the nation.”

So Billy Mays III has created a new website where people can upload their sticker photos and share them with the entire world of Billy Mays fans. Visit it today at

Pitchmen Episode 3 Now Posted

The world’s greatest YouTube member came through again, and we’ve added Pitchmen episode three to our Pitchmen page. “From the Jaws of Victory” features an electronic shark repellent in addition to an ingenious hands-free cellphone device, renamed during the course of the show from the trademark-infringing Black Jack to the equally non-descriptive name Jupiter Jack. And that’s a wrap for this week.

UPDATE: This video is no longer available.

Billy Mays: Behind the Scenes at a Commercial Shoot

Thanks to FOX 13 in Tampa Bay for taking us behind the scenes as Anthony Sullivan produces a new commercial starring Billy Mays. Here’s a segment that ran on the Fox 13 6 pm news a few days back. In this interview, Billy talks about assuming his pitchman persona as he prepares for the camera to roll:
“Whatever product I’m selling, it’s like putting on Superman’s cape,” he says. “I become Billy Mays, the ultimate pitchman. And that’s who I am. And I’m proud to be that.”
Billy also claims that the more he yells over the course of a day, the stronger his voice gets. Must come from the years he spent pitching portable washing machines on Boardwalk in Atlantic City.

Lots more Billy on our Top Ten Billy Mays Commercials page.

We Make Lunch with Vince’s Slap Chop and You Can Watch

If you saw our Slap Chop Unboxing post, you know we previously received our Slap Chop and unpacked it for use. We thought it might be fun to put it to the test by preparing a simple three-course luncheon with the aid of Vince Offer’s magic chopper. Vince promises us the Slap Chop will endow us with an exciting life. So how did it perform?

We’re happy to say that the Slap Chop performs pretty much as advertised. You push down on the plunger and foods get chopped. The blade is sharp. While it’s not by any means a precision instrument, the Slap Chop seems plenty sturdy and its butterfly hinge makes it easy to clean. Our major mistake was not re-watching the commercial before we started. Perhaps with some study we could have replicated Vince’s trick of removing onion and garlic skins in one piece. We do think it’s possible to accomplish this feat outside of the TV studio, so we’ll try again next time we chop. Bet Vince didn’t get it on the first try.

We always aim to prepare tasty and healthy meals. Ours is not the home of the boring tuna. So our lives may not be radically transformed due to this kitchen gadget, but we’re pleased to report that the Slap Chop did its job admirably. And we thoroughly enjoyed the gastronomic results. On today’s menu: Tuna salad sandwiches on focaccia, using quality Italian canned tuna in olive oil, homemade salsa with organic multi-grain chips, and vanilla yogurt topped with nuts, berries and dark chocolate. Yes, it was delicious.

Slap Chop Debut! New Product from Vince Offer, the ShamWow Guy

Slap Chop Unboxing