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PC Matic Sets New Record in Virus Dectection Competition

We just heard the news that PC Matic achieved the best proactive score ever on Virus Bulletin’s RAP test. This result is independent proof that PC Matic detects and removes more threats to your Windows computer, keeping your safer and better protected.

PC Matic’s 92.8% sets a new record for virus detection on the Virus Bulletin RAP test.

– Rob Cheng, PC Matic CEO

PC Matic, developed and supported in the USA, beat all its foreign competition, independent proof that PC Matic provides the best defense against modern viruses. Find out more at

True Detective’s Yellow King – The Secret Revealed

True Detective Rust VHS Tape The final episode of True Detective has aired, but the Internet is still asking: Who is the Yellow King? Errol Childress doesn’t seem powerful or evil enough to lead a cult that ritually murders women and children in the secret place called Carcosa. At most, he’s the last withered remnant of a clan that mixed voodoo, Santeria and witchcraft into a fearful Lovecraftian brew. So if Errol is not the Yellow King, who is? I think I know and soon you will too. Continue reading

Marc Gill Named New Ronco Pitchman

Marc GillYou may have thought Ronco’s long and storied history ended when the firm declared bankruptcy back in 2007, but wait, there’s more!

Ronco, recently acquired by consumer products company CD3 Holdings, is relaunching their brand with a new pitchman, well-known TV infomercial and home shopping personality Marc Gill. Marc follows in the footsteps of legendary Ronco founder Ron Popeil, the “set it and forget it” inventor and pitchman who founded the company back in 1964.

Marc has been named HSN Brand Ambassador and will start showcasing Ronco’s innovative cooking products on shopping channel HSN in February 2014.

“The official press release today naming me the new Brand Ambassador for Ronco, the very company that inspired me to start my journey, is an amazing milestone for me and I am incredibly grateful!” — Marc Gill

Marc is an award-winning pitchman and has appeared in dozens of successful infomercials. He’s worked hard and we congratulate him on his new role pitching products for As Seen on TV’s most iconic brand! Learn more about Marc at his website,

New Product Tuesday with Time Life’s Music of Your Life CD Collection

Music of Your Life 10-CD Collection from Time Life and Peter MarshallIf you’re over 50, you’re probably familiar with the Music of Your Life radio format, broadcasting audio nostalgia since 1978. It’s currently heard on more than 50 radio stations nationwide, playing a wide variety of popular music from decades past. In an exciting collaboration, Time Life has now joined with Music of Your Life radio DJ (and ex-Hollywood Squares host) Peter Marshall to assemble a 10-CD collection of timeless love songs from the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

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As Seen On TV and Growing in My Garden

As Seen On TV and in My GardenOkay, we’re hardy souls up here in Frostbite Falls, but I’m getting pretty darn sick of winter. The gardening catalogs are arriving daily, and commercials for Giant Blueberries and Indoor Banana Trees are tempting me with the promise of something fresh to put on my morning cereal. And I’m dreaming of delicious, colorful salads with Rainbow Bell Peppers picked fresh from my patio garden. But this year, I’m going to consider more than just my own stomach – the birds and bees get hungry, too. If I plant the Amazing Hummingbird Vine on the backyard fence, will the nectar really draw hummingbirds by the dozen? I guess I could risk it, since the yellow and orange flowers are gorgeous all on their own. Butterflies are attracted to Hearty English Lavender and ants dislike the smell of it – perfect for organic ant control! Who knows, maybe I’ll even plant a couple of Royal Empress Trees close enough to string up my hammock, so I can laze about, eating bowls of just-picked cherries from my Flowering Cherry Hedge… I am SO ready for Spring.

New Product Tuesday with Good Night Bed Bug Spray

Sprayway Good Night Bedbug SprayToday’s product is not brand new, but the current national bed bug scare has certainly beefed up its marketing muscle. The video below for Sprayway Good Night Spray was produced last year. This aerosol product kills both dust mites and bed bugs, but the focus in this spot is on dust mites. Dust mites are so last year! This year, bed bugs are the enemy hiding in your bedding (and maybe your clothes).

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SlimTs: Men’s Shapewear, or the End of Western Civilization? Discuss.

SlimTs Men's Body Shaping Tank TopSlimTs Men’s Body Shaping Tank Top claims you’ll instantly look pounds thinner and inches smaller without dieting or exercise. Even if you could tighten your waistline and trim down your love handles with this miraculous man girdle, would it be morally right? I mean, what is The American Man coming too? Would Davy, Davy Crockett, King of the wild frontier have worn a SlimT under his buckskin shirt? Would Commander Neil Armstrong have worn a SlimT under his space suit when he took his first step on the lunar surface? Sure, they say that the Spandex-blend SlimT is not constricting, won’t raise body temperature and fits under all your regular clothing, but isn’t it cheating to forego diets, exercise and that yearly gym membership? I suppose you could just say that the twelve firming panels are a support for your back, or maybe a posture helper, but… well, I’m just sayin’.

The Better Marriage Blanket… You-reek-a? Eureka!

lol fartChalk another one up for Yankee Ingenuity. Science teacher and inventor Francis Bibbo has single-handedly saved marriage for couples that sleep in the same bed. He came up with the idea while deer hunting in an Army surplus chemical suit – the kind that provide protection from radioactive, biological or chemical substances. The carbon-activated fabric suit also keeps the sensitive noses of deer from detecting human scent. I can only imagine the “Eureka” moment when he realized that it would absorb and contain the smell of flatulence, too.

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New Product Tuesday with BarkOff

Bark OffIf you love your dog, but hate constant barking, BarkOff may be the solution you’re looking for. Even if I can get the pooch silenced, I’ll still be waiting for someone to invent NagOff for annoying spouses. Maybe then I’ll finally experience some peace and quiet.