TurboTax Canada Courts Young Filers With ‘Sexy’ Ads

TurboTax Canada, the online tax filing service, has launched the clever “My First Time” ad campaign targeting millennials, in which cool, swinging young people describe their “first time.” Wink wink. But the first time they’re talking about isn’t hot, steamy sex. They’re talking about filing taxes.

“I’ve dabbled . . . sometimes online, sometimes offline. But this year, I’m going at it alone,” says The Freelancer, a readymade unshaven slacker in Buddy Holly glasses. “It was getting impossible to do without a little guidance, and I’d certainly never done it like this before.”

Wink wink. Get it?

The Young Professional, The Art Student and The Young Married Couple get in on the hot tax action with their own steamy accounts of getting it done before the April 30 deadline.


TurboTax Canada is Canada’s best-selling tax software. Act now and you can save 15 percent and file for as low as $16.19. Act now to beat the April 30 deadline, and relive your “first time” all over again.

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