TurboFire Intense Cardio Workout

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TurboFire Intense Cardio Workout

The TurboFire Intense Cardio Conditioning program from Chalene Johnson and Beachbody can help you burn up to nine times more fat and calories than traditional cardio routines.

Forget excuses and the gym, and bring the fitness classes into your home!

Fans of Chalene’s system say they feel like they’re in the front row of the hottest fitness classes around: “It’s in a class setting, so you feel like you’re in a group of people. . . . The workouts aren’t really long. You work really hard, but you get the job done—fast.”

TurboFire Chalene Johnson

Starting your first TurboFire workout is simple.

To get you up to speed, Chalene Johnson’s Fire Starter Class demonstrates the proper form for all the moves you’ll be doing. TurboFire then moves on to two intense but low-impact workouts. You’ll keep things moving after that with over 20 high-energy music remixes during 12 fat-melting routines.

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Have fun at home while transforming your body.

Intense? Yes. Challenging? Absolutely. Easy? Never. Have fun at home while transforming your body. Forget the gym, forget the excuses. TurboFire is everything you need to change your body, change your attitude, change your life.

5 DVDs, 12 tough workouts

The five DVDs contain classes ranging from 10 to 55 minutes, and include Fire Drills—or, as Chalene calls them, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

DVD 1: Fire Starter Class
Ramp up slowly while learning all the system’s essential moves.

DVD 2: Low HIITs: Low HIIT 20, Low HIIT 25 Classes
In these high-intensity routines, you’ll ignite the AfterBurn Effect, which helps your body to keep burning calories after the workout.

DVD 3: Fire HIITs: Fire 30, Fire 40, Fire 45, Fire 55 Classes
These longer cardio classes help make the fat melt away. Explore different versions of your favorite HIITs as you extend your endurance.

DVD 4: Extreme HIITs: HIIT 15, HIIT 20, HIIT 25 Classes
These workouts test your limits with one-minute intervals that leave your body burning calories up to 24 hours afterward.

DVD 5: Stretch 10 Class
Use this disc to repair your muscles, increase flexibility and warm down your body after classes.


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