Trusty Cane

Trusty Cane

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Trusty Cane

Trusty Cane is the cane you can trust.  Other canes fall down and are hard to pick up, but Trusty Cane stands by your side, making it easier to do the things you like. And the triple tread design improves stability. Plus there’s a built-in flashlight in the wide, ergonomic handle to light your way when it’s hard to see.

Reliable support on any surface.

Get reliable support on any surface. On slippery slopes, a rocky path, steps and stones or a grassy hill, Trusty Cane gives you the freedom and confidence to go anywhere you like. With Trusty Cane, you can get out there and be more active.

Now you can get in the front door without your cane falling on the floor. Trusty Cane even makes it easier to stand up from a sitting position. It folds up and travels easily, then instantly springs into action when you’re ready to go. Trusty Cane adjusts for your size and locks in place.

Trusty Cane is the cane you can trust.

Everyone knows someone who needs a Trusty Cane. Other canes sell for a lot of money, and don’t have the triple tread design, extra wide base, pivoting head and built-in flashlight. Trusty Cane stands on its own!


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