Tree Dazzler

Tree Dazzler – Christmas Tree Light Show

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Tree Dazzler – Christmas Tree Light Show

Tree Dazzler is the spectacular new lighting system that instantly creates an amazing light show on any Christmas tree. It’s so easy. Just place the light ring on top of your tree, position the vertical strands of bulbs, and you’re ready to start the show. Watch as your tree is transformed into a dazzling array of vivid colorful lights. Everyone who sees it will be amazed.

With light patterns and color choices for everyone, Tree Dazzler lets you control the show with just the touch of a button. Press the Steady button for solid colors, then press again to alternate the colors. The Sparkle button will make your tree twinkle with blinking colors that bring life to any room. The Show button will mesmerize you with colorful scrolling patterns, and dazzle with diagonal waves of sparkling light. For the real party, press the Show button again and your tree will explode to life with vibrant, colorful patterns of light.

Say goodbye to tangled strands of lights the seem impossible to unravel, because Tree Dazzler’s vertical design never tangles. The lights fall right into place every time. And it’s built to last, with LED bulbs that will last a lifetime and are virtually unbreakable. Tree Dazzler is no-hassle holiday decorating, guaranteed.

Order Tree Dazzler now and receive a free upgrade to the deluxe model with 16 amazing light patterns. Quantities are limited, so don’t delay!


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