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Blade Nano QX FPV Drone with Headset Gives You Eyes in the Skies

Blade Nano QX FPV 4CH 2.4GHz RC DroneIt’s all about drones these days, what with Amazon gearing up for Prime Air delivery and RC enthusiasts video piloting their latest ‘copters in the park. Have you ever dreamed of flying like an eagle with a bird’s-eye view of the neighborhood? You can zip between trees at up to 100 miles an hour, maybe peer over that high wall you’ve always wondered about. The headset lets you look around in any direction – you can even see yourself down below on the ground, a real-time out-of-body experience. You don’t have to be a member of the Royal Netherlands Air Force to enjoy aerial acrobatics like these – the new generation of super-light and durable RC aircraft are incredibly agile and maneuverable. New quadcopters like the Blade Nano QX FPV 4CH 2.4GHz RC Drone give you the totally immersive cockpit experience of on-board piloting. This isn’t virtual reality. It’s totally real and you’re in control.
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New Product Tuesday with Sticky Balls

Sticky Balls - Magnetic balls toyLast summer, we witnessed the unexpected and inexplicable success of Fushigi, a clear acrylic ball which made you look like a dork while pretending to juggle. This summer, Sticky Balls is vying to be the season’s As Seen on TV toy sensation. No matter how many hi-tech gadgets surround us, humans are still fascinated by magnets. Sticky Balls offers over 200 tiny, shiny attracting and repelling spheres that you can arrange in countless configurations.

Combine the fun of magnets with a mildly dirty joke, and you’ve got a sure recipe for success. Following in the esteemed tradition of Vince Shlomi’s “You’re going to love my nuts,” an anonymous actor in the Sticky Balls commercial makes sure you grokked the double meaning by declaring “My coworkers love playing with my Sticky Balls.”

Your Savvy Shopper offers this advice— it’s OK to play with your own Sticky Balls, but ask first before you play with those of friends or coworkers.