TouCan Can Opener

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TouCan Can Opener

TouCan is the world’s easiest hands-free can opener. Just place TouCan on top of the can and press the button. Away it goes, and in seconds the can is open without using your hands. Perfect for people with arthritis or joint pain. TouCan’s powerful gears actually break the seal on the outside of the can without cutting, so there are no sharp edges on the lid or the can. The dirty lid will never fall in your food, and it’s perfect for resealing and storing leftovers.

TouCan works on any size or shape can. Old-fashioned hand-operated can openers are difficult to turn, and countertop electric can openers are messy and bulky. But the cordless, lightweight TouCan stores easily in any drawer. It also works as a bottle opener, opening the toughest bottle cap with ease. Even breaks the tight seal on jars, so you can easily twist them off.

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