Tiger Wrench

Tiger Wrench

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Tiger Wrench

Tiger Wrench is the powerful new tool that combines 48 tools into one. By simply clicking between the different sizes, you instantly have the tool you need for the job. Think of all the time you’ve wasted in the past fishing around for the right size tool. With just a few clicks of the Tiger Wrench, you’ll have the right tool for the job every time.

Click between different sizes to get the tool you need.

This wrench is fast, moving quickly from one size to the next. As fast as you can click the tool, you’ve got a new size. Because of the unique revolutionary tooth design, you can do both standard and metric sizes. Simply flip the tool around, and you have even more sizes.

Tiger Wrench tackles the toughest jobs.

Ordinary wrenches slip on damaged bolts with rounded corners. Not the Tiger Wrench. Its specially  designed teeth won’t slip like ordinary wrenches. Unlike ordinary wrenches, you can do 45º angles for those hard to reach jobs. With this one tool, you can tackle dozens of projects around the house, on the road, in the garage, or on the job. You’ll use it all the time.

Comes with a full lifetime warranty.

Tiger Wrench is well built and extremely durable. It’s a heavy duty, professional tool that’s designed to handle up to 300 lbs. of torque. Order Tiger Wrench and pay a fraction of the cost of a good wrench and socket set. And it’s more versatile.

$19.95 FREE Shipping (Separate $9.95 fee for the 2nd unit)


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    1. As Seen on TV offers often take weeks to arrive after an order is placed. Usually better to buy from Amazon.

  1. ORDER NUMBER 24107032 12/03/17

    I want to make what may have my first order is NOT COMLETED second order is fine as it reflects second wrench. It would be apropos to have CANCACEL AND CONFIRM at the bottom of invoice page. This option is shown for probably all online ordering. Thnxs.

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