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Billy Mays: The Video Game on Yahoo! Answers

Billy Mays Video GameHere is an atypical Yahoo! Answers question, because it’s funnier than its answers. But the poster is actually trying to be clever. Your Savvy Shopper definitely prefers unintentional hilariousness over intentional humor where the execution does not fully mine the comedic possibilities of the premise. Still, I’m glad the citizens of the Internet haven’t forgotten Billy. Can you help Harley with cheats for Billy Mays: The Video Game?

I just bought Billy Mays: The Video Game for my Nintendo Wii. However, I can’t get past the fight with Vince from SlapChop. I keep dying when he says “You’re gonna love my nuts” and start throwing his nuts at me. What can I do, guys?!

I returned to level three, got the OxiClean sprayer 9000 and killed Vince. Now I’m stuck on level 9,0001 (IT’S OVER 9,000!). You have to climb into a giant SlapChop machine and disable its power grid to shut it off. However, once I get inside I cannot find the power grid. I have every weapon in the game, including the pricey Billy Mays endorsed rocket launcher. I break through every cracked wall and I still can’t find the grid. What do I do now!? ):,

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