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New Product Tuesday with WOW Storage System

WOW Storage System

As I’m sure you know (or you wouldn’t be reading this), ShamWow was a huge As Seen On TV success story earlier this year. Now we witness the introduction of the WOW Storage System. Maybe the people behind this new product figured adding a little of the “Wow” factor would help their product as well. Maybe they should have gone further and hired Vince Offer to pitch their product.

The WOW Storage System looks like a product chock full real-world usability goodness. The unique feature is the interchangeability of the lids and containers. Each piece can either be a top or a bottom, as they all fit together. This means never searching for a lid. It also means you can still easily attach an lid on a overfilled container. Will WOW Containers make you say “Wow!”?