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New Product Tuesday with 10th Anniversary 9-11 WTC $2 Bill

10th Anniversary September 11th WTC $2 BillWho first came up with the idea of printing additional graphics on U.S currency in order to create a collectible commemorative? Today’s example uses the U.S $2 bill to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the attacks on September 11, 2001, and features images of the twin towers of the World Trade Center as well as the new Freedom Tower which will be stand in their place. The WTC $2 bill joins the ranks of other customized currency collectibles, including National Parks $2 Bills and Elvis $2 Bill. And even if your decorated legal tender never becomes a valuable collector’s item, at least it’s always worth $2. You can buy the WTC $2 Bill here.

Who would you like to see featured on a $2 bill? I vote for Billy Mays.

10th Anniversary September 11th Commemorative Gold Proof

10th Anniversary September 11th Commemorative Gold ProofAs the anniversary of September 11th approaches, there’s a new commemorative tribute with a unique feature: precious metals recovered from Ground Zero.

The commemorative is created using three distinct struck pieces. First, a traditional proof is struck with frosted relief on a mirror-like base and clad in 14 mg of pure 24-Karat gold. Then, the skyline of the Twin Towers and the silhouette of the USS New York, clad in a total 14 mg .999 pure silver recovered from Ground Zero, rise up into a 3-dimensional sculpture.

A little background here: the USS New York was made with steel from the World Trade Center. The steel was poured into the molds on 9 September 2003, cast to form the ship’s bow. One shipyard worker, Tony Quaglino, said: “I was going to go in October 2004 after 40 years here, but I put it off when I found out I could be working on New York. This is sacred and it makes me very proud.” The USS New York was christened on 1 March 2008, in a ceremony attended by members of the New York City Police Department and the New York City Fire Department, and family members of September 11 victims.

This historic three-piece commemorative proof comes with Double Verification, confirming its 24 karat gold and .999 Ground Zero Recovery Silver contents. Part collectable, part work of art, and all a tribute to the United States of America.