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New Product Tuesday with Aluma Wallet

Aluma Wallet tweet from Anthony SullivanThe Aluma Wallet is another new product from Anthony “Sully” Sullivan, star of Discovery Channel’s PitchMen, who recently tweeted the wallet’s debut. There are many other compact aluminum wallets on the market, most claiming to be nearly indestructible, many claiming to be waterproof, and all claiming to be trendy and fashionable for both men and women. The Aluma Wallet goes one step further by claiming it will protect credit and debit cards with embedded computer chips from criminals with portable RFID scanners. This is a BOGO offer, with the expected extra handling fee. Watch out for upsells, as the Aluma Wallet official website states you can get free shipping on the main Aluma Wallet if you upgrade to the deluxe version.

New Product Tuesday with Buxton Cell Phone Wallet

When an As Seen On TV product is wildly successful, DRTV marketers are anxious to introduce a related product that will generate another large pile of consumer cash. The Buxton Bag was a huge hit and kept on selling for months and months. Will the new Buxton Cell Phone Wallet achieve similar success? Time will tell.