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New Product Tuesday with Sop N Mop

Sop N Mop Comparison ChartFirst rule of As Seen On TV product marketing: Whenever a product is wildly successful, copycats will follow. Zorbeez sold pretty well, then ShamWow was the hit product of 2008. Now, Sop N Mop arrives. Sop N Mop doesn’t have a flashy pitchman like Billy Mays or Vince Offer. The production values of the commercial spot are decidedly cheesier. But it does come from Germany, where they always make good stuff. Plus, you get 12 cloths for the same price.

Billy Mays Disses Vince Offer, Calls Him a One-Hit Wonder

Pitchman Billy Mays is a native of McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania and he’s back in the Pittsburgh area this week visiting family. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review took this opportunity to interview their homeboy in today’s edition. Not too much new here, but there were a few nuggets of interesting info.

Billy does dye his trademark beard to hide the gray, as the natural salt-and-pepper appearance “looks kind of weird on television.” His Discovery channel show, “Pitchman: Gadgets to Glory,” will premiere in the spring.

Now, for the kicker, when asked about Vince Offer of ShamWow fame, Billy opines: “Please. He’s a one-hit wonder. He took a shot at the title but can’t compete.” If Billy thinks Vince can’t repeat his success, we guess hasn’t seen Slap Chop yet. Can’t wait to see if Vince responds. Let the pitchman smackdown begin!

Slap Chop Debut! New Product from Vince Offer, the ShamWow Guy

We’re hopping up and down with excitement over Slap Chop, the new product from Vince Offer, the ShamWow guy. More as we know it, but for now, watch the commercial!

As Vince says, “You’re going to love my nuts!” Still, Billy Mays disses Vince and claims he doesn’t sense a threat to his reign as King of the Pitchmen. Visit our Slap Chop page.

We received our Slap Chop! See the unboxing, and watch as we prepare lunch with the Slap Chop.