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Cheating on my Kyocera with the YoshiBlade

YoshiBlade ceramic knifeFor my birthday last year, my husband bought me a very up-scale Japanese chef’s ceramic knife (I don’t know exactly how much he paid, but it’s the three-figure one). Now along comes the YoshiBlade ceramic knife at the more modest price of $19.99 (plus shipping and handling, as usual) – what to do, what to do? I’d love to try it on this summer’s tomatoes after seeing the demo – but it feels like culinary infidelity.

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New Product Tuesday with The Floppy

The Floppy Indoor Practice Golf Ball
Not for storing data.

Many golfers are real fanatics. If they can’t play, they want to hit balls at the range. Inside at the home or office, you’ll find them putting wherever there’s carpeting. Thanks to The Floppy Indoor Practice Golf Ball, golfers will now annoy us even more by bringing the whole bag of clubs indoors. The Floppy is designed to provide the feel of hitting a real ball without fear of shattering windows, glassware, fine china or marriages. Golf nuts will be swinging at The Floppy every free moment, ignoring chores, personal hygiene and human interaction. Perfect gift for any golfer.

New Product Tuesday with Red Skelton Unreleased

If you’re old enough to remember the many characters of motion picture and television legend Red Skelton, you know you want this DVD set with rare and previously unreleased material. If you’re not familiar with Red’s work, Red Skelton Unreleased is a great introduction.  Here’s a sketch from 1961 featuring Harvey Korman:

Billy Mays Does the Office with Alternate Ending

It has been brought to my attention that the Billy Mays Does The Office video from several weeks back has been re-released on YouTube as a very special Director’s Cut version with an alternate ending. I haven’t done an exhaustive frame-by-frame analysis to determine how much is different, but I’m pretty sure that Billy didn’t steal someone’s MacBook Air in the original version. Here it is for you hardcore fans.