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Sonic Peeler – New Product Tuesday

Sonic Peeler As Seen on TVPresenting the Sonic Peeler. For many decades, the lowly vegetable peeler has been the mainstay of pitchmen hawking products at fairs, flea markets, and on TV. Today’s candidate for best peeler ever is a battery-operated model. With a name like Sonic Peeler, you’d think it peeled your potatoes with sound waves. Instead, it vibrates the blades at 4000 RPM, kind of like an electric shaver. The vibrating blades are what takes the hard work out of peeling apples, carrots, cucumbers and even hard cheeses. The Sonic Peeler comes with three different blade types and even has a blade for the most famous of all As Seen on TV slicing techniques – julienne shoestring slices. For a limited time, you can buy one get one and get one free (just pay extra shipping). Here’s where to order the Sonic Peeler.