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PC Matic Changes Advertising Strategy

After years of TV commercials featuring attractive young women getting their virus-plagued computers tuned up with help from dads, customers or tech guys, PC Matic is changing their advertising strategy. The new PC Matic commercials all feature founder and CEO Rob Cheng. Continue reading

New Billy Mays Commercial for Big City Slider Station

Big City Slider Station

Here’s a Billy Mays commerical that’s new to us, if not to you. We’re vegetarians, and even we want to whip up a batch of these tasty burgers. We have the extended spot for extra viewing enjoyness.

I think this spot wins the prize for highest audio compression on Billy’s voice. I dare you to try and have a conversation while this commercial is on unless you mute the sound completely. Billy Mays commands your attention. Shut up, then watch, listen and learn.