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PC Matic – Fix Your Computer Online – New Product Tuesday

PCMatic.comI really love this commercial for PC Matic, PC Pitstop’s all-in-one PC optimization and anti-virus download. Yes, the overacting makes it almost seem like a parody. Yes, the actor playing the father breaks the fourth wall and speaks directly to the camera, but he does it in a mugging manner that lets you know that he realizes how hokey he sounds.

What I like about this spot is that it does a terrific job of communicating its core message: don’t buy a new computer just because it’s slow or has a virus. Fix it online with PC Matic. Even though the scene we’re watching is scripted and completely artificial, having the father recommend PC Matic to his daughter adds real credibility to a product in a field where there is a lot of competition from higher profile companies like Norton.

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New Product Tuesday with Solar Animal Repeller

Solar Animal Repeller reviewWant an automatic and humane way to keep four-footed pests off your property? The Solar Animal Repeller has a built-in infrared motion detector that claims to detect unwanted animal visitors day or night and drive them away. The Animal Repeller delivers a powerful ultrasonic “get off my lawn” that’s inaudible to humans, but unpleasant to animals. It’s solar powered and designed to withstand outdoor conditions. Mounts anywhere or use the included mounting stake.

If you’re tired of raccoons tipping over your trash, rabbits eating your lettuce, or other problem pests like squirrels, mice, gophers, deer, skunks, and even stray pets, you may be attracted to the Solar Animal Repeller. If you try it out, let us know how it works for you.

New Product Tuesday with Grill Glove

Grill GloveAlways pleased to see a new product from Pitchmen pitchman Anthony Sullivan. With the upcoming 4th of July weekend, your Savvy Shopper is wondering how many ARBBIs (Alcohol-Related Barbeque Burn Injuries) could be prevented if all grillmasters who are chillin’ and grillin’ would slip on the Grill Glove before flipping those steaks, burgers or ribs with their bare hands.

Grill Glove