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Pitchmen Episode Six Left Me Feeling Attracted and Extracted

Even during Memorial Day weekend, Gadgetglanman7 finds time to upload Pitchmen episode six. I don’t want to be critical of consummate professionals Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan, but watching this episode was not the most exciting 60 minutes of my life. The Grabit damaged screw extractor is an effective and useful product. I was amazed at how long it took to perfect the product and how complicated it is to manufacture. But I wonder if it’s really a good product to promote using direct marketing. For the handyman, it seems like something you might not order in advance, but would wait to purchase when first need. The Tool Band-it is also a solid product, but not so wow-inspiring either. Watch and judge for yourself.

(PLEASE NOTE: This video is no longer available.)

Tool Band-it As Seen on Pitchmen: Is It Better than a Bionic Arm?

The Tool Band-it, as featured on the May 20 episode of Discovery Channel’s Pitchmen with Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan (10 p.m. EDT on Discovery Channel. See your TV schedule for encore broadcasts), brings to mind several possible uses. For the uninformed, the Tool Band-it is a black fabric cuff that straps around your upper arm like a blood pressure cuff. The intended use is to hold tools and small items such as nails and screws, facilitated by magnets sewn into the fabric.

But wait, there’s more! Since it’s black, you can wear it to indicate mourning for a recently departed loved one. Since it has magnets, it just might help with aches and pains from arthritis. In the commercial, Billy demonstrates that the Tool Band-it’s powerful magnets will hold a 25 lb. weight. So strap one of these on each arm, attach the weights, and go about your daily routine. In no time, you’ll have biceps like Mr. Universe! Can’t find your holster? Use it to carry your handgun and ammo. Wear it under your shirt and you now have a way to stealthily erase hard drives and other magnetic digital media. The usefulness of the Tool Band-it is truly boundless.