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Table-Mate is the Better TV Tray

Table-Mate Portable Table TV TrayThe makers of Table-Mate want you to know they’ve invented a better TV tray. When I was a kid growing up in the sixties, my family ate dinner together every night. But we didn’t sit around the dining room table exchanging anecdotes about our daily activities and discussing the issues of the day. No, we filled our plates in the kitchen and carried them to the family room of our modest ranch-style suburban home. There we gathered around the TV and watched Huntley and Brinkley deliver the news, each of us with our own TV tray on which to balance our plate, beverage and eating utensils. We didn’t have much dinner conversation, but I did keep up with current events. The trays neatly folded and stored in a closet when we were done, ready for the next day’s lunch when we would have tomato soup and olive loaf sandwiches while my Mom watched her favorite soap, Love of LIfe. In the evening after dinner, I’d set up a tray to complete my math homework or work on my stamp collection while watching Combat, The Avengers or The Man from U.N.C.L.E. To this day, I spend much of my time multitasking in front of the TV.

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