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New Product Tuesday with Wuggle Pets

Wuggle PetsAwaken the Dr. Frankenstein in your kids this holiday season by letting them bring to life their own Wuggle Pets. Fortunately, Wuggle Pets are not monsters built from body parts. No, they’re adorable baby stuffed pets filled with fluffy softness and magic dust, brought to life with the included Wuggle Fun-Filled Factory. Wuggles can be sweet, shy or sassy.

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New Product Tuesday with Happy Nappers

Happy NappersHere’s a new stuffed toy for kids that’s really lots of fun. Happy Nappers are like cuddly Transformers for pre-schoolers, because reversible Happy Nappers turn inside out to form their own home. In your choice of cow (barn), dragon (castle), ladybug (bungalow), penguin (igloo), dog (dog house) and unicorn (palace), each Happy Napper has a Sleepy Sounds Doorbell to wake ’em up before you take ’em out of their home for play. Too cute!