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ShaveMate and Fridge Locker Featured on PitchMen January 18

ShaveMate as seen on PitchMen
Fridge Locker as seen on Pitchmen
Fridge Locker

“Bear Market,” the PitchMen episode premiering Tuesday, January 18 at 7PM ET/PT on Discovery Channel, features new products ShaveMate and Fridge Locker. ShaveMate is a revolutionary new six-bladed razor for men and women that dispenses real shaving cream right from the handle. Fridge Locker is a plastic container with combination lock that keeps your snacks safe at home or work. In the clip below, watch as a 800 pound Grizzly Bear tries to get inside the Fridge Locker. PitchMen stars Anthony “Sully” Sullivan, who has recently opened his own online Sully Store featuring many of his products.