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Billy Mays Brings Back the Quick Chop to Slap Down Vince Offer

After seeing Billy May’s spot for Quick Chop, I totally understand why he was a mite peeved at Vince Offer about knocking off his products. Just like with Sham Wow, which lifted many of the demonstrations directly from Zorbeez, Slap Chop uses many of the same demos as the earlier-produced Quick Chop commercial. Chopping multiple ingredients simultaneously to make salad, chopping nuts and cookies for ice cream, removing skin from garlic, making salsa. Quick Chop is also shown chopping ice. I tried this today with my Slap Chop and the results were not impressive. I got some chopped ice, but big chunks of cubes remained after vigorous quicking, I mean slapping. I’ll be anxious to get a Quick Chop and compare. In terms of product design, Quick Chop doesn’t have butterfly hinging Slap Chop, but I’m not sure it’s all the hard to clean. Plus, you get two Quick Chops for the price of one (if you pay the ever-present processing and handling).

Of course, Vince’s pitching style is radically different from Billy’s. And perhaps more importantly, there have been synthetic chamois and vegetable choppers around since long before either of these pitchmen hit the scene. Oh, I forgot, Vince insists he’s not a pitchman. He is a important film director who pitches products as a hobby when he’s not making movies and beating up hookers. Vince, we’re sure that someone would pay to see the sequel to The Underground Comedy Movie.

It would be really entertaining if Vince would show in an episode of Discovery Channel’s Pitchmen and have a showdown with Billy. But we’re not holding our breath for that.