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New Product Tuesday with Fab-Tastik

Fab-Tastik Fabric MenderYay, As Seen on TV marketers! Once again, you’ve managed to invent an indispensable product we didn’t know we needed. Fab-Tastik is a double-sided adhesive that bonds fabric together instantly. While the bond won’t survive the wash cycle, it will provide a strong and temporary mend for fashion emergencies without resorting to the old-fashioned safety pin we’ve been using since the 14th century BC.

New Product Tuesday with One Second Needle

One Second NeedleYour Savvy Shopper is not the most domestic person on the planet. I’m more at home installing RAM or shoveling the driveway than sewing a button or hemming a pair of pants. The few times I’ve attempted sewing, it’s taken me 15 minutes just to get the needle threaded. Then i could finally start making pitifully crooked and unevenly-spaced stitches.

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New Product Tuesday with Mini Sew-Wonder

The Mini Sew-Wonder is a cordless handheld sewing machine. Now you can repair and alter your clothes while you’re wearing them. My favorite trick is to sew together my friends’ pants legs after they’ve passed out. Don’t forget to set up the video camera with a motion detector after you do this. It’s sure to be a hit on Tosh.0 and AOTS.

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