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Snuggie Clone ‘Unlikely to Succeed’

In one of his latest weekly roundups, direct-response product prognosticator Jordan Pine of SciMark Corp. declares it’s probably too soon to introduce a Snuggie clone, an idea that peaked a few years ago. TeleBrands’ Goody Hoody, opines Pine, is chasing what “was clearly a fad.”

“Trying to bring it back — even in a new and improved version — is a little like trying to bring back Zhu Zhu Pets, the Furby or any similar craze product,” writes Pine.

Of course, Telebrands founder A. J. Khubani passed on Snuggie several years back and missed out on the biggest As Seen on TV phenomenon of all time. Must still be a sore spot with A.J.

GripGo Cell Phone Mount – New Product Tuesday

GripGo Cell Phone MountGripGo suction mounts your cell phone in a convenient location on your dashboard or windshield for safer use while driving. Great for making handsfree speaker phone calls or using your smartphone as a GPS navigation system.

Jordan Pine reviews As Seen on TV products and commercials on his website The SciMark Report. Jordan thinks the GripGo spot is “just about perfect,” and I agree. David Jones is a pleasant and effective pitchman. There are two effective demonstrations, one involving a bowling ball. This commercial really reminds me of Billy Mays’ 2009 classic spot for the Jupiter Jack, down to the “be there in 5 minutes” call from the office. So I’m thinking the producers were just a teensy bit influenced by the earlier work.

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