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New Product Tuesday with Magic Crisp

Magic Crisp Microwave Crisping TrayOne thing’s for certain when it comes to As Seen on TV products: what’s old will someday be new again (or presented as such). Back in 1982, my then-girlfriend’s mother gave us her old microwave when she purchased a new one. One of the accessories she included with this generous gift was a round plastic microwave crisping tray with raised ribs and a channel around the perimeter to capture grease. It worked pretty well to cook bacon and reheat pizza. In fact, it was very similar to today’s “new” product, the Magic Crisp. That’s not a bad thing, because useful products are always welcome in the home, even if they’re not newly invented.

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Savvy Shopper Ends the Artifice

No more pretentious We on this blog.
No more pretentious “We” on this blog.

When we started this blog, We’ll admit we thought it would be amusingly cute for our Savvy Shopper persona to refer to ourselves using the royal “we,” known among snooty intellectual types as a nosism. But you know what? I was wrong. See, I said “I,” and will continue to do so in the future when referring to myself as an individual. It’s annoying to write in the second person, and I’m sure it’s more annoying to read unless the writer is more talented than myself.

So that’s it. I feel liberated. We I are am so happy to be done with that pretentious charade. Oops. It will take a little time to get used to this.