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New Product Tuesday with GLH Spray On Hair in a Can

GLH Spray On Hair in a Can Before and After PhotosOK, GLH Formula is definitely not new. But it is new to our site. While no longer advertised on TV, we just learned this historic product is still available for purchase. Invented by As Seen on TV pioneer Ron Popeil, GLH is short for Great Looking Hair, and it’s a spray-on powder that clings to and thickens hair, covering bald spots for men and hiding thinning hair in women. The GLH Finishing Shield and GLH Shampoo complete the system.

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New Product Tuesday with Slice-O-Matic

Slice-O-Matic Official WebsiteVegetable choppers were the mainstay of the pitchman’s pitch at county fairs and on boardwalks decades before Ron Popeil introduced the Ronco Veg-o-Matic, the only As Seen on TV product in the Smithsonian Institution. Not satisfied with knives and graters, hungry consumers are always looking for a new way to slice a whole onion in seconds or prepare a mountain of julienne fries. The latest entry in this crowded market is the Slice-O-Matic from Telebrands, with name and function more than a little similar to its institutionalized predecessor.

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New Product Tuesday with Ronco Chef and Go Cooker

Before there was Billy Mays, before there was Anthony Sullivan, before virtually all the pitchmen and women opertating today, there was Ron Popeil. The man behind classics like the Pocket Fisherman is still pitching at age 74. Here’s his latest product, the Ronco Chef & Go Cooker. It looks like an oversized Japanese rice cooker. Your Savvy Shopper owns a rice cooker, and the perfect rice it cooks every time means it is the most useful countertop appliance I’ve ever purchased. If I could own a multi-funciton cooker that also baked muffins, steamed veggies and cooked chili, I’d be in culinary heaven. And now I can has! Thanks, Ron!