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Cafe Cup Brews Single-Serving Savings for Coffee Pod People

Cafe Cup Reusable K-CupSo you’re one of the suckers that bought a Keurig or other K-Cup coffee brewing machine. Sounded great from a convenience standpoint. But when you looked at how much you were paying for each cup of coffee, the sticker shock gave you more of a jolt than you ever got from the caffeine in a steaming cup of java. Not to mention the environmental impact of all those disposable plastic cups.

The solution is a reusable K-Cup that you can fill with whatever coffee (or tea) you want. Keurig’s patent on the K-Cup ran out last year, so now anyone can make them. The Cafe Cup is the As Seen on TV version, but you can find refillable K-Cups at Walmart that are higher quality or cheaper, especially when you figure in the inflated shipping charges, slow shipping, poor customer service and endless upsells that are part of the As Seen on TV buying experience.

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