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Pitchmen Episode Seven with Billy Mays Now Playing

I’m still avidly following Pitchmen, and I’m glad that YouTube member Gadgetglanman7 is as well, but I thought Pitchmen episode seven (originally aired on May 27, 2009) was a little thin. If I didn’t have a burning desire to learn more about the DRTV industry, I’m not sure I’d still be watching. Maybe a 13-show season was a little too ambitious. Anyway, I found this episode a little painful in spots, because I’d never want my debacles documented on a basic cable reality show. Forbes Riley seems like a very nice person, but this episode gives me the impression that she became too emotionally attached to her fitness product to make rational business decisions. She rejects good advice from the experts about lowering the price point for the Spin Gym, with unfortunate results.

Also, why don’t budding inventors and entrepreneurs ever seem to perform ftrademark searches BEFORE they settle on a name for their new product?

(Sorry, this video is no longer available.)