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Kangaroo Keeper Brite Lighted Purse Organizer – New Product Tuesday

Can the marketers behind Kangaroo Keeper Brite recreate the success of the original Kangaroo Keeper purse organizer by adding a light? There aren’t a lot of new ideas in the As Seen on TV world these days. Adding a new feature to a formerly successful product is what passes for innovation.

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New Product Tuesday with Kangaroo Keeper

Who needs an organizer bag? With the Kangaroo Keeper, you can organize your existing purses. I have to ask you ladies what you think of this new personal storage enhancement. Your Savvy Shopper is not a “man purse” sort of guy.

Now updated with a lighted interior as Kangaroo Keeper Brite.

New Product Tuesday with Buxton Cell Phone Wallet

When an As Seen On TV product is wildly successful, DRTV marketers are anxious to introduce a related product that will generate another large pile of consumer cash. The Buxton Bag was a huge hit and kept on selling for months and months. Will the new Buxton Cell Phone Wallet achieve similar success? Time will tell.