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New Product Tuesday with BlanKid Buddy 4-in-1 Plush Animal Toy

BlanKid Buddy BOGO offerYou’re probably familiar with Pillow Pets, stuffed animals which change like Transformers into comfy kid pillows. Since their introduction a few years back, they’ve inspired other dual-purpose plushy toys like Happy Nappers (also turns into a pillow), Pawggles (turns into slippers) and Treasure Chest Pets (hidden storage compartment). Now BlanKid Buddy ups the ante with the first 4-in-1 stuffed toy. What is BlanKid Buddy other than a stuffed animal? Just watch the commercial and listen to the catchy jingle — “It’s a blanket, a backpack and a pillow too!”

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Walmart Offers Free Shipping on As Seen on TV Products

Walmart has free shipping for holiday shopping

Love the convenience of online holiday shopping, but hate those horrid shipping costs? Now you can get your favorite As Seen On TV products shipped FREE… from Walmart.

Walmart has kicked off the holiday season early this year by getting rid of something all online shoppers hate: shipping costs. From now until December 20th, over 60,000 products can be purchased at Walmart.com and either shipped directly to your home or the nearest Walmart store for free. Even sweeter is that unlike certain popular online shopping sites, there is no minimum purchase or annual fee required for free shipping.

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