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FabriClear Bed Bug Spray – New Product Tuesday

FabriClear non-toxic bed bug sprayFabriClear is a safe, non-toxic spray which penetrates fabrics and promises to kill bed bugs on contact. Also claims to kill dust mites, eggs, larvae and keep pests from coming back.

When I was a kid and I heard my Mom say, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite,” I didn’t know what bed bugs were. I didn’t know that they infested hotel and hosptial bedding and can even be found lurking in brand new mattresses. Bed Bugs may suck blood, but they’re definitely not miniature Robert Pattinsons. They’re disgusting blood-sucking parasites and you don’t want them in your home.

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New Product Tuesday with Flies-Away

What can energize New Product Tuesday better than a new product from pitchman superhero Billy Mays? Introducing Flies-Away. Now, fly traps aren’t a new idea. They’ve been sold for years, and you can even make them at home. But Flies-Away has some magical space-age non-toxic gunk in it that attracts and kills flies for 30 days. I think Billy’s got another winner. Is there room for two Bentleys in the Mays’ garage?