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Perfect Fit Button – Review and Tips for Online Buying

Here’s a comment anonymously posted on another website. We’re re-posting it here so you won’t be surprised by extra charges when you order the Perfect Fit Button online.

Just ordered these Perfect Fit Buttons, I’m very excited! A word of warning: there are two extra screens that come after ordering, offering more products. If you select the “additional sets” of buttons, it will give you 4 sets of buttons (the commerical offer on TV is for 1 “set”–the set is 4 buttons, plus the other 4 free wS&H. The “trick”, if you want to call it that (it’s just cleverly worded, really), is that you think that the “default” order doesn’t include the “free” buttons, BUT IT DOES. If you want an “additional set” of buttons, YOU WILL BE PAYING FOR MORE. And the S&H goes up a LOT, $20.97 for me. I have the money to spend, and I probably would have bought more anyway, plus now I have the experience to share with y’all :)

The second extra screen before the order went through was an offer for (I think) larger buttons. I said no, but don’t let that stop you.

I repeat: proceed with your order and say “NO THANKS” to any extra offers if ALL you want is the 2 sets of perfect fit buttons for $10+S&H. Otherwise, YOU WILL PAY MORE. I paid $40.97 total, which again IS TOTALLY FINE as I have the money to spend on it. I went into this knowing that the TV offer might not be EXACTLY as it appeared (a TV commercial that’s less than completely honest?? SAY IT ISN’T SO!!!), so I have no “buyer’s remorse”, but I put this out to the Internet as a fair word of caution.

That being said, I really am excited to get these buttons, since I really DO need them, plus I want to get them for the story! I’ll update you when they arrive.

– via As Seen On TV Product Guide