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New Product Tuesday with Fab-Tastik

Fab-Tastik Fabric MenderYay, As Seen on TV marketers! Once again, you’ve managed to invent an indispensable product we didn’t know we needed. Fab-Tastik is a double-sided adhesive that bonds fabric together instantly. While the bond won’t survive the wash cycle, it will provide a strong and temporary mend for fashion emergencies without resorting to the old-fashioned safety pin we’ve been using since the 14th century BC.

New Product Tuesday with Mighty Mendit

Mighty Mendit Commercial with Billy Mays
Mighty Mendit Commercial with Billy Mays

We thought we watched a lot of TV here at As Seen On TV Video, but we somehow missed this great Billy Mays-endorsed product. Mighty Mendit repairs tears on clothing, furniture, and even parachutes if you believe the demonstration in the commercial. Hot on the heels of Mighty Putty, could this be the start of a Mighty products dynasty?

We found this report from an Arizona TV station that appears to support this product’s claim of a quick, easy, strong, lasting fix for fabric tears. So before you throw it away, let Mighty Mendit save the day.