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New Product Tuesday with Fun Slides Carpet Skates

Better hide anything breakable. Fun Slides Carpet Skates in the house! If you’ve got frustrated snowbound kids with energy to burn, tell ’em to strap on the Fun Slides and take a few laps around your indoor nylon pile speedway.

Sorry, video is no longer available.

New Product Tuesday with Amazing Flying Monkey

Pillow Pets
Amazing Screaming Flying Monkeys fly up to 50 feet high.

The Amazing Flying Monkeys are back! These human-propelled primates were a huge hit last Christmas. They soar through the air up to 50 feet high. Fun for everyone age 5 to 95. Watch as your kids put down their iPods and game controllers to play with the Amazing Flying Monkey. Voted best stocking stuffer for under $10. Buy 3 and get 1 free!

New Product Tuesday with Pillow Pets

Pillow Pets
Severely cute.

Pillow Pets are like a kinder, gentler version of Transformers. Cute, cuddly stuffed animals that turn into comfortable pillows. Your kid wants!

New Product Tuesday with Blendy Splitz

Sometimes it seems like all activities kids are involved in these days revolve around computers, video game consoles or handheld mobile devices. So when I saw this commercial for Blendy Pens with Color Splitz, it was refreshing and reassuring to see that kids still like to draw and color with pens on paper, like we did at their age. But the young Savvy Shopper never had pens with Fusion Chambers!

New Product Tuesday with Your Baby Can Read

Your Savvy Shopper is not a parent. So I’m not going to make any claims about Your Baby Can Read. I don’t know if the average kid can accomplish what the kids in this video demonstrate. I just know that it’s really, really cool to watch a nine-month-old Andy reading. Even if it’s memorization, it’s still ultra cool. And if that wasn’t enough to wow me, watching Andy reading and pronouncing the state capitals of Florida and California at age 2 1/2. There are more videos on the Your Baby Can Read website. Wow. Just wow.

New Product Tuesday with Davey and Goliath DVD Set

Classic stop-motion animation TV Series now on DVD
Classic stop-motion animation TV Series now on DVD

There’s something compelling about stop-motion animation. That’s why it’s still used today even though computer-generated animation has become so sophisticated. From King Kong and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to Morel Orel and Coraline, animators have patiently adjusted each element in the frame 24 times per second to create a realistic illusion of miniatures in motion.

Davey and Goliath was a television series from the 1960s commissioned by the Lutheran Church in America and created by Art and Ruth Clokey, creators of Gumby. Each episode is designed to entertain children while also delivering a moral lesson. If you remember this show from your childhood, you’ll definitely want to order this DVD set and share the magic with your children or grandchildren.