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Ice Cream Magic Ice Cream Maker Shaker

Ice Cream Magic Ice Cream Maker Shaker

School’s out, and the kids are home – bored and hungry. Everybody wants to go out for ice cream, but those trips to the DQ get pretty expensive. Why not stay home and get the kids invested in making their own treats with the Ice Cream Magic Ice Cream Maker Shaker? Any kid old enough to hold a shaker cone can make delicious homemade ice cream in just 3 minutes, in their favorite flavor. Use low-fat, sugar-free natural ingredients and keep that cold treat healthy. Makes a perfect party activity, too – everyone loves to make their own custom-flavored ice cream. Just shake it to make it! Comes with shaker cones, spoons and recipe book.

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New Product Tuesday with Wuggle Pets

Wuggle PetsAwaken the Dr. Frankenstein in your kids this holiday season by letting them bring to life their own Wuggle Pets. Fortunately, Wuggle Pets are not monsters built from body parts. No, they’re adorable baby stuffed pets filled with fluffy softness and magic dust, brought to life with the included Wuggle Fun-Filled Factory. Wuggles can be sweet, shy or sassy.

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New Product Tuesday with Slushy Magic

Slushy Magic Buy One Get One Free OfferBelieve me, your kid wants this. Kids love Slurpees, ICEEs, and Slush Puppies even in the depths of winter, and will demand one every time you’re within 100 yards of a 7-11. Now they can make their own brain-freezing slushy drinks at home. Slushy Magic transforms any drink into an instant slushy. No blender needed. Just freeze the reusable cubes, toss them in the cup, pour in your beverage and shake, shake, shake! Works with all drinks, including soda, juice, lemonade, even chocolate milk and yogurt. When you’re done enjoying your slushy treat, just rinse off the cubes, refreeze them, and your ready for more frozen fun. Perfect gift for kids of all ages.

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New Product Tuesday with BlanKid Buddy 4-in-1 Plush Animal Toy

BlanKid Buddy BOGO offerYou’re probably familiar with Pillow Pets, stuffed animals which change like Transformers into comfy kid pillows. Since their introduction a few years back, they’ve inspired other dual-purpose plushy toys like Happy Nappers (also turns into a pillow), Pawggles (turns into slippers) and Treasure Chest Pets (hidden storage compartment). Now BlanKid Buddy ups the ante with the first 4-in-1 stuffed toy. What is BlanKid Buddy other than a stuffed animal? Just watch the commercial and listen to the catchy jingle — “It’s a blanket, a backpack and a pillow too!”

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New Product Tuesday with Happy Nappers

Happy NappersHere’s a new stuffed toy for kids that’s really lots of fun. Happy Nappers are like cuddly Transformers for pre-schoolers, because reversible Happy Nappers turn inside out to form their own home. In your choice of cow (barn), dragon (castle), ladybug (bungalow), penguin (igloo), dog (dog house) and unicorn (palace), each Happy Napper has a Sleepy Sounds Doorbell to wake ’em up before you take ’em out of their home for play. Too cute!


New Product Tuesday with My BFF (My Best Fish Friend)

My Best Fish Friend at the Fair
My Best Fish Friend Pitched at the MN State Fair

Your Savvy Shopper saw My BFF (My Best Fish Friend) in person at the Minnesota State Fair last week, where I snapped these pix. I left convinced that the contents of this little box will definitely grow real live fish.

There were tiny fish swimming in aquariums and even a huge martini glass. The kids in the crowd were captivated. You can see the young boy at the bottom of the first photo begging his parents to make the purchase. My BFF could be a great way to introduce your kid to the fun and responsibility of pet ownership.


Fuzzoodles: New Creative Kids Toy

Need a fun and creative new toy to keep kids engaged this summer, during those rainy days and long car rides? Check out Fuzzoodles, a crafty new toy that’s a clever mashup of Bendaroos and Mr. Potato Head. Love the catchy theme song, too.Fuzzoodles


Iron Man Inflatable Cheer Chair on The View

Here’s a product so new there isn’t even an commercial for it yet. The Marvel Inflatable Cheer Chairs will be seen on TV for the first time on the Memorial Day (May 31) episode of ABC’s The View. These inflatable talking chairs feature the Marvel Super Hero Squad and Iron Man in full color and speak the heroes’ catch phrases at the touch of a button. Made of durable vinyl, these chairs are perfect for watching TV, playing video games or just being surrounded by these hugely popular super heroes. Each chair comes with FREE Upper Deck Marvel Super Hero Squad or Iron Man 2 collectible trading cards as well as a foot pump for easy set up. And if you can get tickets for The View’s studio audience, rumor has it that all audience members will be getting a free chair!

Iron Man 2 Inflatable Chair

New Product Tuesday with Gyro Bowl

Gyro Bowl

The Gyro Bowl meets all the criteria for a successful As Seen on TV product. It solves a common problem (kids spill their snacks), it’s easily and effectively demonstrated (invert bowl and contents do not spill) and it’s a new and unique product with a serious wow factor. While the Gyro Bowl is a practical item that appeals to parents and grandparents, it’s definitely a kid’s toy as much as it’s a utensil.

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