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Boom Cube Keychain Speaker – New Product Tuesday

Boom Cube Keychain SpeakerBoom Cube is a tiny speaker, just one inch square, that produces big sound when connected to an iPod, smartphone, tablet or laptop. Back in the 1980s, you had to carry an enormous boom box on your shoulder in order to blast your cassette mix tapes at maximum volume to an unwilling audience. It also cost a fortune to keep them in D-size batteries. If you had one of those new-fangled Sony Walkmans, you could enjoy your music privately, but without a way to share your superior musical tastes with strangers on public transportation.

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New Product Tuesday with Music Bullet

Music Bullet Portable SpeakerPublic spaces were a little more tuneful back in the 1980s. Sure, some music lovers were listening privately with the new Sony Walkman. But the eighties was also the decade of the boombox. Dedicated music lovers made cassette mixtapes from vinyl singles and LPs, hoisted improbably large and loud portable stereos onto their shoulders, then traveled the urban landscape on foot to lovingly share their favorite music whether you wanted to hear it or not. They spent all their disposable income and overflowed landfills with mounds of the D batteries giant boomboxes consumed eight or ten at a time.

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