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Kickstarter Videos: The New Infomercial?

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Those petitions for pay on the new crop of crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter.com seem hip and modern, but they’re really just something with which American consumers are all too familiar: the infomercial.

Chances are, without the carnival barking and zany antics of showmen like Ron Popeil and Billy Mays, the slick revivalists of the long-form commercial would still be going the traditional route of snagging dollars to launch their weird products. After all, the twenty- and thirtysomethings hawking things like the Duo Coffee Steeper likely grew up on a steady diet of “set it and forget it.”

“What’s more, the form of these short Kickstarter films genuinely mimics those of their ’90s predecessors,” writes Cale Guthrie Weissman at Pando Daily. “Someone’s talking into a screen, there’s an issue to be solved, they provide a kitschy and inoffensive way of presenting the issue and its solution. Honestly, the only main difference between most of these videos and late-night infomercials is the wardrobe, and the feigned live audience.”

As the crowdfunding model becomes more mainstream, it’s only a matter of time till there’s barely a difference between what the hip young things are putting before our eyes, and the commercials of their forebears, those master petitioners who invented the cornball pitch.

JNL Fusion: New DVD Workout Program from Jennifer Nicole Lee

JNL Fusion DVD workout program from Jennifer Nicole LeeInternational fitness celebrity Jennifer Nicole Lee is back with a new DVD workout program, JNL Fusion. Best known for pitching the Ab Circle Pro, Jennifer is back with this new fitness regimen that doesn’t need expensive hardware. Just you, a DVD player, a 5′ x 5′ area to exercise and 30 minutes a day. If you put forth the effort, JNL Fusion promises to transform your saggy flabbiness into the body of a fitness model in just 60 days.

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Temptu Airbrush Makeup Kit – New Product Tuesday

Temptu Airbrush Makeup SystemI see what you did there, Temptu Airbrush Makeup System. You’re the new home airbrush makeup system on the market. So, when you say that Temptu delivers a luminous healthy glow, you just might be making a reference to your well-established competitor, Luminess Air.

Can Temptu, with its Silkspheres and Airpods and Shade Match Guarantee, succeed against the long-established infomercial airbrush makeup champ?

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New Product Tuesday with Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner

Shark Navigator Lift-Away VacuumUnless you’re looking for a toy vacuum, you’ll not find a powerful, bagless, sealed, no loss of suction vacuum cleaner with the features and low price of the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum. Comparable models from Dyson and Miele can cost hundreds more.

And no other no loss of suction vacuum has a detachable canister like the Shark Navigator Lift-Away for lightweight portability to handle tight spaces and above-the-floor cleaning. The bagless technology means no costly replacement filters to buy, ever. Did I forget to mention the ultra-maneuverable swivel steering and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology© that locks in 99.99% of allergens?

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New Product Tuesday with Trendy Top

Trendy Top Wrap ReviewLow-rise, tight-fitting jeans have been the fashion standard for some time now. Wearers of high-waisted, loose-fitting dungarees are frequently ridiculed in the media for sporting “mom jeans,” a dreadful fashion faux pas for teen stars and presidential candidates alike.

One problem with low-rise jeans is their tendency to reveal more than you may want others to see. If you’re not as svelte as a runway model, you might prefer to not show everyone your muffin top or granny panties every time you bend forward more than a few degrees.

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New Product Tuesday with My Top Off

My Top Off Bottle Opener As Seen on TVDoes the humble bottle opener really need a redesign? Will a titillating name, unique form factor and magnetic bottle cap retention be enough to make My Top Off a summertime As Seen on TV sensation? Newcomer pitchman Michael Bee is sporting spiky hair in the TV spot. That worked for Vince from ShamWow back in 2008, but Vince pitched a product with very demonstrable benefits. What does My Top Off do? It opens a bottle of beer. That’s it. I’d need to pop a few tops and drain the contents before My Top Off would make me say “Wow,” throw away my church key, then open up my wallet to buy. Maybe the BOGO offer with free drink Koozi and hand-free drink sling will convince you.

Pitchman Kevin Trudeau Cited for Harassing Judge

Infomercial pitchman and convicted felon Kevin Trudeau is in trouble once again. According to an article in the St. Paul Pioneer Press,  Mr. Trudeau is being held in contempt for marshaling his supporters to harrass a federal judge via email. Whether filling up a judge’s inbox really constitutes harassment is open to speculation, but Trudeau’s history of arrests, convictions and fines makes anything he does subject to intense scrutiny. Stay classy, Kevin!

New Product Tuesday with Paris Hilton and The Celebrity Styler

With the introducton of The Celebrity Styler rotating hair styling iron, your Savvy Shopper welcomes socialite, sex tape star, reality TV personality, singer, actress and drunk driver Paris Hilton to the world of infomercials and direct marketing. Best of luck to you in your new endeavor.


Paris Hilton The Celebrity Styler

New Product Tuesday with Crazy Critters

Crazy Critters are stuffing-free, squeaky, durable, machine-washable dog toys. Your dog will love torturing and mauling cuddling and playing with the Friendly Fox and Rugged Raccoon. Get both for $10 plus shipping.

Crazy Critters Dog Toys