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TV Station Airs Artists’ Fake ‘Infomercial’

TV viewers who tune into KTXA Channel 21 in the Dallas/Fort Worth area this Friday, Feb. 7, at 3 a.m. may not know just what to make of a new “infomercial” that’s not really selling anything. The 28-minute spot, featuring a gentleman who looks a lot like Steve McQueen whittling a walking stick and promising viewers the secret to immortal life, is part of an art exhibit by Texas artists Good/Bad Art Collective.

“Curtains,” an interactive experimental exhibit running through Feb. 16 at Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas, invited visitors to see the set where the infomercial was filmed, and even help make the infomercial.

“At turns humorous and interactive, dark and thought-provoking, CURTAINS uses the dying medium of the infomercial to highlight the transience and ephemeral nature of the human experience,” reads the museum’s website.

The project brings to mind the 1970s commercials of experimental artist Chris Burden, who purchased late-night slots for his own weird films.

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New Product Tuesday with Total View Blind Spot Mirror

Dormeo Renew
My car has a blind spot where I cannot see
The autos and trucks in the lane next to me
I start to move over, I think the way’s clear
But is that the sound of honking I hear?
Now in my rear view I suddenly see
A quite angry driver in a red SUV

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New Product Tuesday with Guardian Alert 911

1990: “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

2010: “I’ve cracked my head and I’m bleeding and I don’t know what to do!”

Back in 1990, you had to pay a monthly fee for peace of mind. In 2010, just press the button and the Guardian Alert 911 pendant connects you immediately and directly to 911 without monthly charges. Just pay the one-time charge of $149.95 to buy Guardian Alert 911 and you can rest assured that you or your loved one can reach help when they need it

Guardian Alert 911

New Product Tuesday with the Garry Ultra Light Vacuum

Your Savvy Shopper has examined every nook and cranny of the Garry Ultra Light Vacuum website and can’t find an explanation for the name “Garry.” I did learn why it’s better than the competition, how it cleans in half the time, the no-hassle replacement warranty and the free vacuum bags for life. But not about the name. Was Garry the name of a friend or relative who really sucked? The photo is of the inventor, Bob.

Garry Ultra Light Vacuum

Anthony Sullivan shoots new spot for Mighty Thirsty

TBO.com reports on a new informercial filmed yesterday for Mighty Thirsty, the newest product from Mighty Brands. Anthony Sullivan inherited the role of Mighty spokesperson from the late Billy Mays. In this new spot, Sully is covered with Mighty Thirsty sponges, hooked to a parasail, then towed by a boat and dunked into the Gulf of Mexico to determine how absorbent the Mighty Thirsty sponges really are. We’re looking forward to seeing the footage, especially the behind the scenes action sure to show up in the new season of Pitchmen.

New Product Tuesday with Mini Sew-Wonder

The Mini Sew-Wonder is a cordless handheld sewing machine. Now you can repair and alter your clothes while you’re wearing them. My favorite trick is to sew together my friends’ pants legs after they’ve passed out. Don’t forget to set up the video camera with a motion detector after you do this. It’s sure to be a hit on Tosh.0 and AOTS.

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