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New Product Tuesday with Micro Touch Max

Micro Touch Max Men's hair trimmerIs today’s new product really new? The Micro Touch Max does sport a new name, fresh look and packaging, and a new target market. But this lighted hair trimmer for men seems to be functionally identical to the Finishing Touch Lumina, introduced and successfully marketed to women several years back. The Micro Touch Max has been outfitted with new colors and a thicker, ribbed grip. Watch both commercials and draw your own conclusion.

New Product Tuesday with Slique Hair Threading System

Slique Threading Hair Removal SystemThreading is an ancient hair removal method practiced for centuries in countries like Egypt and India, and now popular in the U.S and Canada. A cotton thread is used to remove hair in a twisting motion. Threading doesn’t require any chemicals, waxes or electricity. Unlike waxing, it only removes the hair, not the top layer of your skin. It’s quick, because it removes an entire row of hair at a time, and it lasts up to six weeks. But threading is a difficult technique to learn, so it’s been strictly a spa or salon treatment. But not anymore.

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New Product Tuesday with Emjoi Tweeze

A well-used Emjoi Tweeze

Face it, not all As Seen On TV products are created equal. Occasionally one may experience buyer’s remorse when products do not perform as advertised. Well, your Savvy Shopper is happy to say that the Emjoi Tweeze is one product that exceeded our expectations. Tweeze is not really a new product, although it is new to As Seen On TV Video. We purchased our Tweeze at least five years ago, and it’s performed flawlessly all that time. The photo on the right was taken just now and is our actual well-used Tweeze, kept right here on our desk so it’s ready when we need it.

We’re what one might call “tweezer fanatics,” always looking for the perfect pair of tweezers. Tweeze is so cool because it tweezes multiple hairs at once and makes the process quick, painless and so easy. Tweeze is the first product that is officially As Seen On TV Video Approved, because we’ve personally put it to the test. Unwanted hairs, begone!