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Hot Huez Hair Chalk – Chalk for Your Hair, Not the Sidewalk

Hot Huez Hair ChalkHot Huez is temporary hair color made from colored chalk. We all used chalk as kids for drawing pictures and hopscotch patterns on the sidewalk. If you’re old enough, you remember chalkboards in school. But who came up with the idea of putting chalk in your hair? We had never heard of it before, but a quick search finds lots of hair chalk for sale at Amazon.com. It really is a quick and easy way to add to colorful highlights to your hair without sprays or dyes. And Hot Huez is no more permanent than a temporary tattoo. A quick shampoo is all it takes to wash it away.

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Joan Rivers Great Hair Day: Heads Up!

Wow, Joan Rivers is on a roll – not satisfied with just making our legs look perfect, she’s launched Joan Rivers Great Hair Day fill-in powder to give us instantly thicker, fuller hair. Waterproof, sweat-proof, but easy to shampoo out, you can also use it to cover roots between salon visits. It’s available in 5 different shades to match anyone’s color and the professional-quality 2-in-1 Applicator is a no-brainer to use. Great Hair Day works for men as well as women – bald spots, be gone!

It seems Joan Rivers Beauty is on a mission to restore, renew and rebuild every area of the body. Next, Joan’s working on a foot cream so she can say she’s got you covered, head to toe. Wonder how she found the time to star in a new documentary film? The Chinese say this is the Year of the Tiger, but Joan’s making it the Year of the Cougar – rawr!!!