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New Product Tuesday with Big Top Cupcake

Big Top Cupcake is a new product that requires little explanation. Here’s the sitch: It’s a pair of non-stick silicone pans in which you separately bake the top and bottom of humongous cupcakes bigger than your head. From toddlers to centenarians, everyone at the table is going to exhibit extreme gleefulness when a giant cupcake with sprinkles is served for dessert. Except for anorexics and dieters. Depending on choice of mix, filling and toppings, I’m guessing 8,000-12,000 calories in one Big Top Cupcake. And that’s why you never bake a Big Top Cupcake just for yourself, especially on a Saturday night when you’re home all alone feeling sorry for yourself because you’re not in a relationship and you’re sure you’ll remain all alone for eternity. Don’t bake it then.